Public Sector

At Prospect Research we have found a niche working with government and public sector organisations, providing them with telemarketing, lead generation, digital marketing and market research services.  Our work in this area is focused on promoting government programmes to businesses and conducting market research with them, helping your government or public sector organisation achieve its objectives.


Our structured and transparent way of conducting lead generation and market research enables us to provide you with a hassle-free process. This can also merge well with and enhance your own internal marketing methods.

We have a wealth of experience in promoting programmes operated by Government Departments such as:

  • The Department of International Trade
  • UK Export Finance
  • Growth Accelerator
  • Department of Work & Pensions

We believe in helping government and public sector organisations to reach out and engage with organisations that can benefit from their programmes. We’ve put our success with public sector organisations down to four key reasons:

  1. High Calibre marketers and sales professionals
  2. Effective Methodologies
  3. Qualified appointments
  4. Planning campaigns

Ultimately we believe that the programmes offered by government or public sector organisations can have an incredible impact on the success of businesses having been through programmes such as UK Export Finance ourselves. This passion means we engage with senior decision makers within industry and identify where real impact can be gained through engagement with programmes offered by government organisations.


“We’ve worked with Prospect Research for a several years on a number of different agreements. They’re very attentive and on the ball. They’ll raise issues rather than sitting on them. They’re very open with us when we’re working on a project. It’s very much a two way relationship. It’s a very good relationship I have with them.”

Senior Customer Service Executive, Enterprise Growth Solutions Ltd


How can we help?
Lead Generation

We can deliver high quality opportunities for your sales team to follow up by qualifying business requirement, needs and timing.  We will work with you to keep your sales team on the road and developing business.

Market Research

Understanding your markets and perceptions of your organisation is key to maximising your success. We can help with our qualitative and quantitative market research services that can be tailored to meet your organisations requirements.


Achieve success with our B2B telemarketing. We work hard to quality all opportunities to maximise conversion rates and to help you achieve your goals.  Telemarketing is a proactive way to reach out to the types of organisations you’d like to do business with.


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