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At Prospect Research we believe that top marketing solutions open up the door to business opportunities which lead to success. We help businesses succeed by reaching out to the types of clients they want to engage with, building brand awareness and strengthening business relationships. Our experienced team of sales and marketing professionals are passionate about helping companies achieve their goals.

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Achieve success with a targeted B2B telemarketing campaign. We work hard to understand your needs, maximise conversion rates and to help you achieve your goals.  Telemarketing is a proactive way to reach out to the types of organisations you’d like to do business with and stay ahead of the competition.


Lead Generation

We can deliver high quality opportunities for your sales team to follow up by identifying business requirement, needs and timing.  Our sales lead generation services are designed to give fast results. We will find highly qualified leads which your sales professionals are likely to convert, reducing time wasted on cold leads.


Market Research

We offer qualitative and quantitative market research services that can be tailored to meet your organisation’s requirements. Understanding your business from an objective point of view is key to continued improvement and success.


Digital Marketing

In a fast changing digital world, we can help you devise a strategy and execute digital marketing activity that will build brand awareness, boost your online presence and generate new opportunities.


Barbour ABI Lead Generation

We are a preferred telemarketing partner to Barbour ABI and have extensive experience in helping organisations in the Building and Construction sector maximise their subscription and enhance their data.


Training and Consultancy

Over the past 14 years we’ve developed the skills needed to achieve success when looking to engage with new prospects.  We can help you maximise your opportunities through bespoke training and consultancy programmes when you’d like to take your telemarketing in-house.


Customer Surveys

Your current clients are your most valuable opportunities.  Gather important information through customer surveys that can help you to develop further opportunities with those organisations you already have a relationship with.


Data Enhancement

With our data enhancement and cleansing services, you’ll know you’re engaging with the right decision makers through your marketing activity and reduce time wasted on outdated contacts.


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