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Prospect Research

Appointment Setting.

If you want the best return on your investment with the highest conversion rate, then quality face to face meetings are the ideal outcome for your appointment-setting campaigns.

For an appointment to be of genuine value it needs to be impeccably qualified and accurately reported to you. We provide an unedited call recording along with a written synopsis of the qualification details. So you can be confident the meetings are as high-quality as those you’d set yourself. With 15 years’ experience of Appointment Setting we know that compared to a basic lead this is “next level stuff”. An Appointment or a booked face to face demonstration is a firm commitment to further engagement, providing it has been properly proven to have a good fit. It will lead to a conversion rate of approximately 25% of Appointments set converting to sales, a significant ROI.

Delivering Appointment Setting Campaigns

Appointment-setting for our clients allows them to engage with various sectors and for many purposes, Examples can be for: Government-funding, Financial and Professional Consultancy, Product Sales, Solution Sales, Market Research and Education.

Organisations often find that to engage with a new client they spend a lot of time trying to out-manoeuvre protective, seemingly hostile gate-keepers and attempting to pin down other busy decision makers. It may seem comparable to Sisyphus pushing hiss rock uphill all day and having to start again the next day at the bottom. Yet, we know prospecting for new clients is essential in order to keep businesses organisations successful. So why wouldn’t you outsource your Appointment Setting to a team who do this consistently and which has tried and trusted processes that mean they are successful at arranging well qualified meetings?

We qualify the business case for the meeting. We do this by ensuring we have identified the right person for our client to engage with. Then by using BANT (Budget, Authority, Need and Timescale) and any other criteria you decide, we identify if there is a business case that means it’s logical to set up the meeting.

We carry out our processes in a very straightforward manner because it’s more likely to be successful if everybody is clear about what and why something is happening – there’s no surprise as to why this is in your diary, or that of the person we’ve set the meeting with. Not only do you know what it’s about, you know how it is with, and where they are from.

Our team add the appointment to the diaries of both (or all) parties, although you specify how, as each project is personalised to your requirements.

We also supply a document Lead Sheet, which is a précis of the conversation we had, confirming that we covered the key points we agreed with you and as confirmation we send the unedited call recording to you so that after reviewing you can give us any feedback as to how improvements might be made.

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