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Lead Generation.

B2B Lead Generation Services

As an experienced lead generation agency, we understand the importance of well-qualified opportunities and only hand over leads with a high probability of generating tangible ROI. We do this by working with you to develop a bespoke lead generation strategy, including strict qualification criteria, typically BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, and Timing).

This means you are focused on converting those opportunities that will lead to success. As a business, you have to trust an outsourced Lead Generation agency to represent your business credibly. This is why you'll want to work with your dedicated team to develop and refine your campaign. It’s the responsibility of lead generation companies to deliver well-qualified leads that offer real ROI opportunities, improving your conversion rates and ensuring your business consistently generates interest and revenue. We work closely with clients, enabling them to engage with various sectors for different purposes, such as: Education, Financial and Professional Consultancy, and Construction. Our B2B Lead Generation strategies adopt transparent management practices, which means our clients have confidence in the results we generate, including unedited call recording with every lead generated, a summary sheet for each lead, regular communication, and comprehensive reporting.

Experienced Lead Generation Agency

Why use our Lead Generation business?

  • Qualification takes place on the phone with the decision-maker in question
  • Targeted campaigns that are directed towards the types of companies you would like to work with
  • Dedicated Account Manager who will work with you to ensure ROI
  • Thorough set up process that means we really understand your business
  • Transparent practices with the ability to ‘live listen’ to calling on your campaign
  • Experienced team who act as credible ambassadors of your business

Prospect Research has partnered with Market Location, a leading data supplier who own and operate the UK’s largest B2B database. This means we can deliver bespoke B2B lead generation strategies using the refined audience insights from this database.

We can work with you to define your target market and purchase relevant GDPR compliant data for us to use when conducting your Lead Generation campaign.

As a successful lead generation business, we take pride in being one of the lead generation companies that focuses on delivering tangible ROI from each of our leads, working closely with you to create a strategy which understands the goals and ethos of your business.

We understand the questions you might have about outbound lead generation – how can a third party company understand your business? Our tried and tested processes ensure that we work seamlessly with our clients, and with your business. We know that as a lead generation agency, we are there to identify the needs of your business, and deliver on those requirements.

By taking the time to understand your business, we can focus on delivering the well-qualified B2B leads that will offer the best results for your campaigns.

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Founded in 2004, our team offers a range of services that supports your sales and marketing function. Prospect Research is a B2B telemarketing, lead generation and market research agency with several years of experience growing business revenues. We have experience across many sectors including Further Education, Manufacturing, Safety, Technolgy, Construction and Professional Services. Based in Cambridge, we're GDPR-compliant and members of the DMA.
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