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Prospect Research

Lead Generation.

Prospect Research is an experienced Lead Generation agency. We are focused on understanding what constitutes a great sales opportunity for your business and delivering a pipeline of quality leads that match that.

We understand the importance of well-qualified sales opportunities and only hand over leads with a high probability of generating tangible ROI. We do this by working with you to develop a bespoke lead generation strategy, including strict qualification criteria, typically BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, and Timing) this means you are focused on converting those opportunities that will lead to success. As a business, you have to trust an outsourced Lead Generation agency to represent your business credible. This is why you will work with a dedicated team to develop and refine your campaign. We have adopted transparent practices that means our clients have confidence in the results we generate, these including a call recording with every lead generated, a summary sheet for each lead, regular communication, and comprehensive reporting.

Producing Lead Generation Services

Why use our Lead Generation services?

  • Qualification takes place on the phone with the decision maker in question
  • Targeted campaigns that are directed towards the types of companies you would like to work with
  • Dedicated Account Manager who will work with you to ensure ROI
  • Thorough set up process that means we really understand your business
  • Transparent practices with the ability to ‘live listen’ to calling on your campaign
  • Experienced team who act as credible ambassadors of your business

Prospect Research has partnered with Market Location, a leading B2B data supplier who own and operate the UK’s largest B2B database. We can work with you to define your target market and purchase relevant GDPR compliant data for us to use when conducting your Lead Generation campaign.

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