SKS Business Services Ltd. Provides accountancy services for small and medium businesses and listed natural resources companies, with the highest levels of personal service.

The company head office is based in Twickenham with their Accountancy delivery centre in India.


SKS were looking for a looking for a lead generation provider they could rely on to provide good communication and results.  After finding Prospect Research via a web search, they were reassured by their experience engaging decision makers of large companies and being able to meet with Fiona Haygreen, their Prospect Research Account Manager and the rest of the team before starting the work.


Prospect Research’s main operational contact at SKS was Anil Swarup, their Business Development Director and appointments were arranged for either him or Sanjay Swarup, the firm principal to attend.

The first campaign Prospect Research ran was focused outside of the UK, targeting Canadian oil and mining companies, a particular area of expertise for SKS. Prospect Research’s brief was to speak directly level decision makers, such as the CEO or Head of Finance, who would see the opportunity for cost savings through an offshore model.

Calling was scheduled into the evening to allow West Coast Canada to be reached.

SKS’ representatives typically visit Canada every six weeks, so appointments were arranged to coincide with their visits. There was also the ability to arrange a conference call, where SKS could use web demonstration tools to show how their off-shore model works. Subsequent campaigns have mainly focused on UK PLCs, again targeting senior director level decision makers.

“I am only too pleased to be able to commend your services to other businesses. It is important to point out that the leads generated were of the highest quality with many ‘Blue Chip’ companies responding to your professional approach.”

Anil Swarup, Business Development Director, SKS Business Services Ltd.


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