We are chosen partners of construction data specialists Barbour ABI.

Providing project lead data to businesses working in and providing services to the construction industry, Barbour ABI are able to find, track and report on all the construction projects happing in the UK, as well as those which do not require planning permission.

With this in mind, we at Prospect Research are able to take this information and tailor it your business. Allowing us to provide you with targeted sales leads generation service.


Catalyst are the leading interior design-and-fit out specialists for residential care and nursing homes, winning the PINDER award for design 4 years in a row.

Catalyst had been subscribing to Barbour for a number of years; the subscription was being managed between the Business Development Manager and the Key Account Manager. However, there were concerns over time to follow up leads. Both senior staff had ongoing projects to concentrate on and they were finding that the leads from Barbour where not being given the time they should to be managed effectively.

Prospect Research has worked with Catalyst to:

  • Effectively manage their Barbour Evolution Subscription
  • Provide qualified and targeted leads that meet their criteria
  • Provide a resource to manage the pipeline of Barbour leads meaning projects are only followed up at the optimum time

“Catalyst attending a meeting in Scotland today which went incredibly well and has meant that Catalyst’s quote for their new £7 million care home development has gone forward – The contact that David spoke to at Walker Care Home said what a fantastic representative of the company David was, he was very impressed with him over the phone and how he handled his questions”

Business Development Director, Catalyst


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