B2B Telemarketing and Lead Generation helps UWE Bristol to build business relationships.

UWE Bristol is one of Britain’s most popular universities, with more than 30,000 students and 3,000 staff and is the largest provider of higher education in the south west of England. They have a particular focus on helping organisations throughout the West of England to innovate, develop and grow.

We have worked alongside the RBI (Research, Business and Innovation) team at UWE Bristol over the past four  years to grow awareness and understanding of the engagement opportunities available to organisations across the West of England through B2B telemarketing and lead generation. We help UWE to actively reach out to local businesses to engage local organisations on programmes such as Student placement schemes and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.

“Prospect Research are really adaptable to our needs and they have been absolutely fantastic at being able to understand what it is we do, what we want to do, and how they can help.  They’re very honest with us so if they think that something won’t work they’ll let us know ahead of time and provide honest and fair guidance without being rude and abrupt, so we don’t waste any of our calling days with them.

We’ve been using them for over 3 years. It’s been fantastic.  It’s been a brand new way of us being able to develop leads and being able to interact with and reach out to companies that weren’t caught in our normal marketing processes.’’

Project Officer, UWE Bristol

What makes B2B Telemarketing and Lead Generation successful for UWE Bristol?

The key to success with the B2B Telemarketing and Lead Generation campaigns we run for UWE Bristol is the close relationship and in-depth product knowledge we have developed around their offering.

Prosepect Research has a specialist education sector telemarketing team that have experience of promoting Apprenticeships, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, Executive Education and much more. We use this knowledge to have engaging conversations with businesses about how Unvieristies, Colleges and Training providers can beneift them through ongoing engagement, resulting in long term relationships that deliver real value.



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