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Businesses have got to do everything to build sales.

Posted on: 16 June 2020

The nation is returning to work, which is great news.  There’s still a lot of resistance from some quarters because our world has fundamentally changed; businesses and the economy have paid a massive price to protect peoples’ lives but we need to restart businesses.

Some staff are stressed, furlough-impacted and mentally tortured by the changes of the past three months. Some feel it’s unfair to return to work because they will struggle due to issues with childcare for the next few months, or caring commitments to the rest of the family. Will these impact your sales?

Outsourcing your telemarketing to our Telemarketing Agency can do a great deal to support your organisation’s quest for sales.

During the lockdown, our team has been meeting or exceeding targets for the few companies who were able to keep going during the lockdown!

The Government’s Taxpayer-funded Furlough Scheme has been a lifeline but it can only carry us so far. Soon, some unpalatable choices about jobs are going to have to be made by the majority of companies. Outsourcing to specialists is easier than committing to employing staff in these changeable times.

So if your organisation needs help to grow sales, we have the experience to generate business and prospect for your sales leads.

Each day, each of our team makes around one hundred calls. Past experience has shown it may take as many as 125 calls without any success to get just one result, for each result. Our team make hundreds of calls each week.


May we tempt you to start by offering you a free one-day trial with any work booked before the end of July 2020?

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