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BBC Radio debate – Do you have to shout to be heard?.

Posted on: 14 August 2014

Do you have to shout to be heard?

Earlier this week I was invited to take part in the ‘Big Tuesday Debate’ on Jeremy Sallis’ BBC Radio Cambridgeshire radio show. The topic was “Do you have to shout to be heard? Do those who make the most noise go furthest?”

I was joined by Caroline Lloyd-Evans of CLE Consulting & Training and Clive Lewis of Illumine Training.

There were some very interesting points made and I didn’t radically disagree anything that Caroline, Clive or our host Jeremy said.

None of us thought that the act of shouting was a positive thing when done in an aggressive or bullying way.

We talked about when the act of shouting is effective, so it is a useful tool to have in your armoury. It can be used to convey energy and a sense of urgency – if a tree if falling in your path you want to be hearing the shout of ‘timber’ loud and clear.

From my perspective I see the idea of shouting to make yourself heard, as getting out there and promoting yourself and your business, rather than waiting for the world or work to come to you.

That’s a principle I firmly believe in and is what my company Prospect Research is all about. We help our clients find new business by carrying out telemarketing and lead generation campaigns. We are linking our clients to potential customers that had it not been for our phone call, they would never had chance to do business with.

The word shouting though firstly implies aggressive one way communication which certainly doesn’t work if you are trying to promote yourself.

Secondly, it gives the impression of trying to communicate to anybody who is in ear shot in an indiscriminate way. In telemarketing, and really any form of marketing, it’s far more effective to be targeted so that there’s a relevance to who you are contacting where you feel you can offer a product or service that will be of benefit to them. Prospects then see your contact with them as a business call, rather than a cold call, where they have been one of the unfortunate ones to have been picked at random from the phone book.

This year, my company has seen evidence of the economy improving through the campaigns we’re managing for clients. More and more companies seem to be dusting off their cheque books and starting to actively look to spend again, so I feel it’s the most productive time for several years to be getting out into the market and in the right context ‘shouting to make yourself heard’.

Click here to listen to the debate the BBC iPlayer. 

It will be available until the 19th August and the debate starts after 20 minutes.

Thanks for reading (and listening).

Chris Walthew
Managing Director, Prospect Research

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Posted: 14 August 2014 | Blog, Marketing, Telemarketing


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