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How to Make the Most of your in-House Telemarketing Team.

Posted on: 2 August 2017

Telemarketing teams have a very difficult job. Not many people like to be called up and disturbed by businesses, and there is never really a good time for a cold call. However, with the right skills and sales techniques, a telemarketer can produce great results on a variety of campaigns. Building a prosperous team takes much more than sales targets and incentives – it’s about giving the staff the right tools to succeed.

If you’re craving better results then it’s time to invest in your people. Here are some proven ways to make the most of your in-house telemarketing team.

Introduce a work from home policy

A career in telemarketing can be high pressured, so offering rewards and incentives such as working from home can have a big impact. Whether somebody can avoid a stressful commute or have the chance to pick up their children from school, you are offering employees some control over their work day. Studies have shown that employees working from home can actually be more productive than when in the office – so why not give it a go?

Expert training

In-house training is a good place to start, but sometimes you want your staff to learn from the very best. Specialist telemarketing training including a focus on handling objections, data management and call structures, can really help to energise a team and keep them motivated. Who better to provide this sort of training than professional telemarketing companies who have handled campaigns for a huge range of different types of businesses?

Promote healthy competition

As with any sales-based role, some healthy competition within the team can boost productivity and self-motivation. Each week have a contest to see who can reach their target first or achieve the shortest call handling time. Spark interest in these contests by providing a great prize such as shopping vouchers or simply the opportunity to pick shifts for the following week.

Valuable feedback

Especially when starting out, it’s easy for telemarketers to feel disheartened and like a failure if they aren’t closing many sales. It’s important to arrange a time to sit down with each team member and talk about their progress. Managers should listen into calls and emphasise what the employee is doing well, in addition to where they can improve. The amount of targets hit isn’t the only way to measure success, so valuable feedback is really important.

Are you ready to take your telemarketing team to the next level? Get in touch with Prospect Research’s training and consultancy department to discuss the tailored training options available.

Posted: 2 August 2017 | Telemarketing, Telemarketing


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