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Make a wish – celebrating 8 years of Prospect Research.

Posted on: 7 February 2012

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The first day of Prospect Research

Eight years ago, I cut a ribbon across the door of my spare bedroom in my London flat, sat down at my Argos desk and started calling.  The start of Prospect Research was not the grandest of affairs, but it was the beginning of creating outsourced B2B telemarketing and market research services that has helped hundreds of companies achieve their sales targets.

Things have moved on a bit from then.  The team now offer a whole spectrum of business development services, and we’re looking forward to an exciting 2012.  But what have we kept from the ethos of that first day?

Well, I hope that we have kept the personal touch for our clients.  Lots of the companies that we work for have outsourced to big call centres before, and come to us being disheartened with telemarketing.  There’s lots of great telemarketing companies out there, but the main complaint that we hear is a lack of communication between them and their clients.  Days of no contact, while the telemarketing bill gets bigger.

I hope that’s where we stand out.  We like to operate as an extension of our clients’ sales team. It works just as well for us as it does for them if our work is intrinsically linked to their sales targets, other marketing strategies and their understanding of what a great sales opportunity looks like.

So as we all blow out the candles on another cake (which is becoming quite a fire hazard as we get older), I look forward to another year of working with some great sales and marketing teams.  Maybe next year will see an upgrade from the Argos desk…!

Chris Walthew

Managing Director, Prospect Research a b2b telemarketing company

Posted: 7 February 2012 | Blog, Internet Marketing, Market Research, Telemarketing


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