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Hurdles faced when doing telemarketing

Integrating Telemarketing into your Sales Process.

Posted on: 17 October 2012

Telemarketing has the potential to be a powerful tool within a business. While some people don’t care for telemarketing, this usually means they’ve been exposed to poor examples of it. Join us as we take a look into the why and how of doing this better including methods of integrating telemarketing into your sales process.

Why Telemarket?

If you isolate telemarketing from your other marketing strategies, then you’re going to struggle to make it useful. Now, put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer – if you’d been called by a telemarketing company first do you think it more likely you’d notice direct marketing material you received from them afterwards? Of course, you would! You’re suddenly no longer a stranger!

So, you can see it’s important to make sure you integrate your telemarketing into your marketing strategy to make it more effective and efficient.

You’re likely to find that some of the companies you speak with show an interest but perhaps don’t need your product right now but at some time in the future – don’t miss out on this opportunity! If you don’t do anything, you might find that by the time you speak to them again, they may have found an alternative product from one of your competitors.

Here are some ways that you can naturally integrate telemarketing into your sales process.

Keep In Touch

Whether you want to target new customers or get repeat business, keeping in touch is a great way to do so. The most important caveat to this is you don’t want to bother these customers. If they don’t show interest or need more time to make a decision, don’t harass them!

Harassment is a significant stigma associated with telemarketing; it’s something that will most likely turn your client off. Check in with them, offer your services and then back off.

Telemarketing to existing clients can lead to repeat business. Dedicating an account manager that is always the person to get in touch with them naturally creates a relationship. We like to buy from people that we find amenable, and regular conversations can start to forge this. They will come to know and hopefully like your sales force.

This is almost selling without selling; if you give excellent customer service, then they’ll enjoy talking to your salesforce.

Build Up your Brand

Building up your brand across the digital space will get your name out there. When your telemarketers pick up the phone, the potential customer will already know of you. If you emphasise your USPs across these platforms, then the customer will already understand your brand values too.

If you pride yourself on customer service and great pricing, then you want to be able to link these in people’s minds through marketing campaigns. Then, when they pick up the phone, they know you appreciate your customers and can get them a good deal. It’s less of an uphill struggle for your salespeople to give this impression if they already have some knowledge of the brand.

No one wants to buy from a company that they don’t know, so make sure your potential customers already have an idea of who you are. By building trust with your brand, they’ll be open to learning more about what you have to offer.

Get Feedback

No matter what industry you’re in, you can always use the advice of others to help you out. In this case, you want to be checking in with customers to find out what you could be improving. If you don’t ask the person that you ideally want to sell to, then you won’t understand how to appeal to them.

Even when sales aren’t successful, you should take the time to dissect why this is. Ask the customer if there’s anything holding them back from the sale, whether that’s a price or customer service. Even successful sales can give you more information, ask them what sealed the deal for them.

Make sure you distribute this feedback to your network of salespeople. If you don’t share the information, then you won’t be able to integrate this correctly for the best possible result.

Promote Core Products

Creating a portfolio of core products can allow you to focus your efforts. Think about the products that bring you in the most significant profit margin and then place emphasis on this. What do your customers want to buy?

If you own the kind of business that has myriad different products and services, then seriously simplify this for your customer. Telesales has to be quick and easy to digest, without the need for a lot of visual aids. If you’re discussing a lot of products, then your customer might not be able to keep up with you.

Sticking to the core products and then branching out into ones that your customer shows an interest in is much more logical. This helps to guide them through the process, rather than jumping from one to another.

Keep Them Happy

After the sales process is over, make sure your telemarketing team check-in to ensure the customer is happy. As we know, a returning customer is a lot cheaper to keep than it is to acquire a new one. Use your telemarketing department to check in with a customer to ensure that their order has been completed smoothly.

They don’t always have to be selling to be bringing you in new orders. Customers always appreciate when a company goes the extra mile for them, so make sure you impress this on your staff too.

Dealing with any issues quickly and responsively keeps your customers happy, even when the service doesn’t entirely go to plan. Creating a transparent and open channel of communication is vital, then your customer can also come to you if they need any after sales support – perhaps you’ll get another sale from this too!

Integrate your telemarketing, and you will always be in their minds! To find out more about integrating your telemarketing into your marketing strategy call a telemarketing company for a free consultation.

Posted: 17 October 2012 | Blog, Telemarketing


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