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Introducing our new service – Prospect Profiles.

Posted on: 30 November 2015

Introducing our new service – Prospect Profiles

Prospect Profiles is a new service from Prospect Research that bridges the gap between simple data cleansing and lead generation.

Companies now need their data to work harder for them to reduce marketing expense and make their messages and content most relevant to their target markets.

Prospect Profiles takes your existing data, or newly purchased lists, and appends information that will help you target the most relevant companies through lead generation.

We gather this information through a variety of sources including through data providers, web research and through telephone contact with each company.

Information that we can append onto data includes:

Not only does this information help you with lead generation,  it also gives you the ability to further segment your data to develop a really targeted message for you on-line or off-line direct mail.

To discuss the additional information about your target market that would help you with your lead generation or direct mail…

Contact us on 0844 539 9712 or by email.

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Posted: 30 November 2015 | B2B Marketing, Blog, Company, Telemarketing


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