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Making £5,000 from one day of telemarketing.

Posted on: 9 December 2014


Making £5,000 from one day of telemarketing

Two Fridays ago, I had a proper day of telemarketing looking for new prospects for my own telemarketing business, which was my first time doing this in three months. Client work always comes first so even though telemarketing and lead generation is what we do, finding the time to do it is often a struggle for my own business. This is of course exactly why business owners and sales teams should look to outsource their telemarketing and lead generation but that’s a subject for another blog!

Like anyone who has been in their sales role for a while, I’ve got a large pipeline of call backs. The temptation when you have a calling session is to stick to this – all the contacts know you, they’re usually happy to speak and it feels like they’re all nearer to the point of a sale than those uncalled records. However, slowly but surely most of your call backs that are going to say yes, have said yes and inevitably a proportion will fall through. What you’re left with is a majority of call backs that will never give you business, but won’t give you a definite no.

So I left all my call backs and just focused on fresh prospects in a particular sector we’re looking to develop.

From my day of calling, I arranged two appointments, plus a number of interesting call backs and I’d contacted lots of companies where I’d confirmed the decision maker and that they were the right profile for our services.

The two calls that resulted in the appointments were also made on a Friday afternoon – an example of Friday actually being a great time to call because it’s often a time when decision makers are back in the office at their desks.

While the two people I arranged to meet were technically in the same sector, they were from very different businesses. Having a two way phone conversation with them was a perfect platform for relating our experience to their business, qualify whether they were the right fit for working with us and answering their questions. I can’t think of another marketing channel that would have allowed me to do this.

Why am I saying I made £5,000 from a day of calling? Our average sale is £10,000. We close one in four sales appointments we attend, so each appointment has a value of £2,500 and two appointments comes to £5,000. I’ve since met the two companies and actually I would rate them both higher to become clients, so that should lead to more business.

So the day was a great reminder of why telemarketing is such an effective way of generating new business. I now just need to find the time to do some more.

Chris Walthew, Managing Director, Prospect Research. 

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Posted: 9 December 2014 | Blog, Telemarketing


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