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Prospect Research at Ecobuild 2015.

Posted on: 13 March 2015

Prospect Research at Ecobuild 2015

Between Tuesday 3rd – Thursday 5th March 2015 two members of our Prospect Research team, Chris Walthew, Managing Director and Martin Hayes, Account Manager, travelled to the Ecobuild convention in Excel, London.

In brief summary, Ecobuild 2015 offers companies the chance to showcase their ‘sustainable design, construction and energy efficient products whilst offering “programmes set to inspire, educate and solve [our] every- day challenges” [Source: Ecobuild].

Our main reason for being at the event was that we were commissioned as a service provider to the Government of Ontario, Canada. Martin was entrusted with the task of contacting the seven Ontarian businesses prior to the show and then to arrange business meetings during the show on their behalf. Whilst at the show, Martin was on hand to support these companies and the Government of Ontario personnel to ensure things ran smoothly.

With over 400,000 attendees, Chris and Martin were also given a chance to network with a huge range of businesses with sustainability at the forefront of their minds. This opened up ways in which we as a business can become more sustainable- something which is increasingly important.

Both Chris and Martin came away from the conference with a range of contacts which so far have produced positive results. Martin summarised that “Overall it gave us a great chance to network with many new businesses as well as learning about the different ways companies are developing into a sustainable way of life”.

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Posted: 13 March 2015 | B2B Marketing, Blog, Building Services, Events, Telemarketing


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