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Relaunching Sales 2020.

Posted on: 4 June 2020

Working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been drumming up leads for clients and prospects. So it was somewhat unsurprising to find that a lapsed-lead finally came good.

In 2018 I spoke with a client and put together a proposal regarding a telemarketing and lead generation work, targeting 70% SMEs and 30% Enterprise companies. Today she came back to us to ask us to do the telemarketing. During this time they have had 2 Business Development Managers, New Business Development and Commercial Directors and as often happens – between handovers, leads drift like tumbleweeds in the desert.  With no one nurturing the pipeline, interest withers and dies and the sales-barren landscape becomes a hostile environment to be in. That barren wilderness that will only see regrowth once the sales pipeline is full of leads.   “We have to act. We need more sales” roars the prospect – “if only there was a tap to turn on a torrent of fresh leads!” 

Of course, many clients come back sooner than 3 years. But 3 to 9 months is not an uncommon timeframe from the initial contact to the signed contract in any sales environment other than retail. In a week, it will have been 3 months away from work for many. Oh-Oh! That means a long slow burn before sales take off, surely? We can do the long hard slog to provide qualified sales leads, ensuring your key personnel can make the best of opportunities to close new business, returning your bottom line to a healthier position. 

As we look at our own business, it bears little resemblance to what it was; we’ve been working from home throughout and our results are a testament to a wonderful team who, given the “unprecedented” nature of the change we all faced valiantly, achieved an average of 95% success on the campaigns that continued and new projects we won in the lockdown.

Having worked through the crisis, they know that a quick rush to sell is off-putting and seems brutally uncaring. Some people have lost loved ones or had their lives changed forever, so, despite the urgency to get more sales, it takes a skilled team to spend the time talking, gently prospecting for and uncovering the gems, and equally, doing the tedious qualifying-out!  

The quicker companies can reach key decision-makers keen to progress sales, that sooner we lower the long term impact of the lockdown, the damage to a bottom line and the whole economy. 

What are your plans to launch your Sales?

There are several avenues to explore; A new website is a huge expense, and who knows if anyone is searching for what you are offering? AI harvests data, but it comes without context – so you have DATA, but that’s not leads. There are PPC and a host of well-used strategies and tools, but one the thing Covid-19 has taught us all is that we miss talking to someone who cares. “Hello, how ARE you? How have things been …can it be 3 MONTHS that we’ve been at home, sequestered with kids and Box Sets and too many treats…How are YOU doing Are your family OK? What are you doing right now? When will that change…?”

Many people now place a greater emphasis on dialogue. They want to know we care about them, and not just their spend. Our team know don’t just call up for a cosy chat though; they are constantly listening for buying signals, mentally alert and checking through the give-and-take of a conversation to uncover opportunities: ‘when, why, who, how much’ and then asking, ‘so does that mean then if this happens, in this timescale, you’ll be looking to buy/implement or do this? Okay, and who’s dealing with that? Would they like to talk to someone about that now?’  Passing that nugget on to the company we work for, is a prospectors dream. Remember, it’s your data, these are your leads. We don’t pass them on to anyone else.

So let’s explore with you how we could work together to achieve or even exceed your sales objectives for 2020. We could start by offering you a free one-day trial with any work booked before the end of July 2020. 

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