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Relevance – Turn your cold call into an effective call.

Posted on: 16 January 2015

The importance of relevance

Over five years ago, I did a talk to a business group on effective telemarketing techniques. the host of the event asked the audience what makes them accept and listen to telemarketing calls they receive. One answer summed up what I think is the most important part of introducing a telemarketing call which is relevance. Like any form of communication, first impressions count so is essential to get right.

Relevance is demonstrating in the first few precious seconds why you are calling this particular prospects today, as opposed to the hundreds of thousands of other businesses you could call. If you do this effectively, the prospect is much more likely to move from seeing you as an irritating cold caller, to a professional who is making a business call to someone they have carefully targeted to approach. Even if a prospect is in the market for your services, if they feel they are being cold called, the instinctive reaction is to shut the gates and say they’re not interested. If you demonstrate the relevance of why you are calling them, they are much more likely to engage with you and even if the call ends with a no, they have given you a considered response.

At my telemarketing company, we don’t advocate scripts, but a well planned call structure including your opening pitch is key to establishing relevance.

How do you make your self relevant? The key is how you help similar businesses. This is mainly industry but can be location, business situation such as fast growth companies or issues you’ve helped solve, but basically other companies your prospect can relate to.

I hope this blog was relevant to you and happy prospecting.

Chris Walthew, Managing Director, Prospect Research. 

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Posted: 16 January 2015 | Blog, Cold Calling, Telemarketing


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