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Success of a Telemarketing

Top Tips for Appointment Setting.

Posted on: 20 May 2019

Setting an appointment in telemarketing requires lots of time and energy.

To make it effective and worth your hard work, you need to follow certain tips. This would not only save your time, but it will also lead you to the perfect client that matches your requirements.

Focus on your goal

Being a salesperson, your top most priority will always be to crack a deal with the client you are spending your time with and to move forward to the next step of sales with the current client you are working with. Your ultimate goal should be finalising the client and then moving forward to the next step of appointment setting. In no way should you deviate from your goal while working in the field of telemarketing.

Never sound like a salesperson

A salesperson has a stereotyped role. They are considered as people who just promote their products or services and not listen to the other person on call. You need to sound casual while approaching a client or customer to make your conversation natural rather than a learned script. Have a conversation, talk to them and let them speak too.

Confirm that the candidate you have called is free

A cold call may come in when some people may be in the middle of something important. We all have been through this and we know how annoying that can get. Ask a person if he/she is free to talk or when would be the best time to call back. This would increase the interest of the prospect, and he/she would actually take the time out to listen to you.

Don’t oversell your product

Don’t brag too much about the product that you are selling when you approach a potential customer. Rather than telling them again and again how the product would be helpful to them, make them agree to set an appointment with you. All other details can be discussed later.

Share a sales pitch

Before starting a detailed conversation, share your sales pitch in the starting sentence of your conversation to draw the interest of the customer. It could be anything. Example from past clients or anything that can draw attention.

Ask good questions related to sales

First of all, after the prospect receives your call make sure he is the one associated with the department you want to talk to. Talk to the correct person and ask them good questions regarding sales and marketing. Good questions will lead you to collect some valuable information from the potential customer and it will also help you to engage more with them.

Build interest to close for the appointment

You should be able to build enough interest and curiosity in the client’s mind to take him to the point when you can set an appointment. Your goal is not to sell the product, but to increase interaction with the client which would be possible when you set an appointment with them.


Posted: 20 May 2019 | Appointment Setting, Blog, Telemarketing


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