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The wealth of experience at Prospect Research.

Posted on: 15 September 2014

The wealth of experience at Prospect Research

Last week was our monthly company meeting. One of the points we covered was for everyone to say which business areas they had worked in before starting at Prospect Research.

It was fascinating to find out the wealth of experience that people have brought with them to the company.

We have always employed experienced telemarketers and researchers, because this experience makes a real difference to every client account they work on and how effective they are on the phone. This goes from being able to use actual sector insights from the areas they’ve worked in, to being able to engage with senior decision makers and demonstrate an understanding about business issues and the wider world.

From our 20 staff, there were well over 50 different business areas people had worked in. Grouping some of these into the following categories, there are not many areas someone in the company has not worked in before:

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So if you are looking for high calibre telemarketers to help you generate more business, talk to Prospect Research, where experience counts.

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Posted: 15 September 2014 | Blog, Market Research, Telemarketing


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