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How to use telemarketing to generate meetings?

What Skills Do You Need to Work in Telemarketing.

Posted on: 23 April 2019

Telemarketing in today’s era has a greater scope than older days. It helps an industry, company or business to expand widely. As for every job, certain techniques and skills are required, telemarketing also requires individuals with particular skills to do justice to their job and position. When a person knows their job well, they enjoy doing it and can attract a number of customers towards a business or an on-going campaign.

Telemarketing has been considered as the most irritable ways of marketing since the past few months as the customers are tired of receiving recorded calls from companies. In order to let it work, companies should have a pre-decided plan to work on.

Following are the ways and skills needed to work in telemarketing:


A large number of population is attracted by creativity. No one can pick up a call from a random number and listen to an operator for five minutes. It is natural for a customer to get bored and put down the phone. To overcome this issue, a scheme is required to capture the attention of the audience. Once you have their attention, you can convey your message or put forward the details about your business or products.


Energetic Attitude

As a marketer, your energy levels should be at their peak. You should be excited about selling your product to make the customer curious about it. Your energy levels will speak for your business and gradually you’ll end up bagging that deal. Or else, if you speak with low energy, the customer would be least interested in the product and will end the conversation sooner, before listening to you completely.

Listening Skills

When working for telemarketing, you need to make sure to give complete ears to the customer. If you don’t listen to the customer and keep asking him/her to repeat, they will eventually end up being irritated or angry, cursing you under their breath. So, instead of interrupting them in between their talks, you should be good enough to listen calmly to whatever they have to say.


Computer Skills

As your work would depend mostly on telecommunication, you should be well aware of the basic use of the internet. It is an important requirement as you should know the usage of MS Office (that includes MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, etc.), Skype for video calls, data entry, etc.


Devising a Plan

Nothing in this world works unplanned. Whatever we do is already destined and planned. So, we should also plan everything before working. A proper plan should be devised to contact the target audience associated with the business or product. Contacting random people would consume time and budget. It is very important to have a wit to judge and devise a plan before working on it. Proper research should be done along with surveys to be filled by customers to get an idea about their requirements and needs.


To kick start your career in telemarketing, these above-mentioned skills are the most basic and required skills to survive in this field.

Posted: 23 April 2019 | Blog, Lead Generation, Telemarketing


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