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Face to face Lead Generation compared to Telemarketing.

Posted on: 3 May 2019

Are Face to Face Lead Generation and Telemarketing that different?

Both face to face and telemarketing are forms of marketing used in B2B and B2C. These two marketing forms are very different in the approach and execution of the campaign. In B2B lead generation, telemarketing and face to face are two of the most successful ways to generate good quality leads with many businesses in two completely different ways. Both of these marketing strategies intertwine and cross over in places such as face to face lead generation can help telemarketing and the same the other way around.

Face to face

Face to face lead generation is an old fashioned and out dated marketing technique. Face to face lead generation is where people meet face to face to discuss something whether that is a product or a service provided by a business. While face to face lead generation seems old fashioned and out dated it can still work this is because of the psychological aspect where you know that you are talking to another person as they are stood right in front of you this gives potential customers (leads) a feeling that they are being heard and gives them an opportunity to ask questions and get to know the person they are speaking to.

With the growing age of technology and artificial intelligence there is not a 100% chance you are talking to another human on the other end of the phone this is because some telemarketing companies choose to use recorded calls and robots to make lead generation much simple. However not every telemarketing company use this method people still prefer to know that they are talking in real time to another person. For this reason face to face can sometimes be very successful.

Face to face doesn’t have to include traveling door to door you could also attend things such as events, trade fairs, promotions or sweepstakes. But these can be extremely expensive with travel, costs of a pitch, staff, the stall and much more.

However face to face lead generations has its negatives. These include:

Face to face doesn’t have to include traveling door to door you could also attend things such as events, trade fairs, promotions or sweepstakes. But these can be extremely expensive with travel, costs of a pitch, staff, the stall and much more. This is a curse and a blessing as events may not happen to often but when they do so larger events can bring in above 200 businesses all under the same roof giving you a wide range of people to give out your contact information to.

Face to face lead generation have the personal touch over telemarketing. It gives the person you are talking time to bond and get to know you however this could be a complete waste if they are not interested in ever using your business.


Many people think that telemarketing involves contacting companies trying to sell a product or service to other companies down the phone straight away however this is not true telemarketing involves a lot more things such as lead generation, appointment setting, lead management and event marketing all fall under telemarketing in one way or another. Telemarketing is a service that generates interest, creates opportunities, provides information, factors customer feedback, makes appointments and produces leads by telephone. Leads have the potential to bring lots of money to the businesses over time this is done by giving your information to them so they can get into contact when they would like. This is known as lead generation telemarketing.

With telemarketing you eliminate the time and cost of traveling this saves a lot of time and money meaning more potential lead that could be generated for the company. Telemarketing also has the advantage of range with companies being able to call in whatever radius you would like this could be anything from local businesses to businesses the other side of the country with this kind of coverage without the cost and time of travel could save businesses thousands of pounds on a single campaign. You may think that with lower costs come lower return on investment however on average for every £1 invested in telemarketing companies could make £11 back on their investment although a lot of telemarketing companies are claiming that the ROI is more like £15-18 per £1 invested.

Telemarketing is the up and coming future of marketing. This is because telemarketing fits perfectly in combination with other marketing strategies as well as alone. Examples of this are appointment setting which combines telemarketing with a follow up of face to face marketing. 

Appointment setting

You could choose to use both of these methods together to get the best of both worlds. By using telemarketing to generate face to face meeting to show your customer your product giving them a demo. This is also known as appointment setting and can be a very successful way of B2B sales especially if you can provide a demo or a meeting for the customer an example of this could be an IT company supplying a computer services such as an antivirus or new system.

Appointment setting is not the same as lead generation however they are very similar. One key difference is the lead generation has no follow up you get into contact with a business tell them a little about the business and give them your details and leave it at that.

By using appointment setting you will only travel out to leads that have interest in the product or service that your business is offering

Appointment setting brings two forms of marketing together that work every well together. You have the constant call of a telemarking team as wells as the face to face aspect that so many people like this can be a potion for success if pulled off correctly.

Appointment setting also has the flexibility of you and your potential customers. By outsourcing the telemarketing to another company you free up your team to deal with the meetings as you are the experts on your business you should be the ones to meet them. By outsourcing to a telemarketing company you also leave the appointment settings to the experts telemarketers will arrange a meeting time and date and then inform you of the business, location and any additional information that may be needed this will be already for you to plan your meeting and/or demo to fit the business and while you are planning and preparing the telemarketers are still gaining more leads for you to attend to.

Overall, both face to face and telemarketing have their ups and downs. Telemarketing is better for the cost and ROI which is better for your business in the long term. But face to face has the personal touch that can  However you could always try appointment setting to get the best of both if you get really stuck on your choice and if appointment setting suits your business.

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