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How does word of mouth help in lead generation?.

Posted on: 10 November 2021

Brands and companies have accumulated many strategies for customer acquisition, some fail, and some succeed. These strategies can have large budgets formulated all for the purpose to generate leads. 

However, sometimes the most simplistic methods still work. A simple recommendation from a family member, friend or even acquaintance is all that is needed to get people to view your brand.

The traditional approach of Word Of Mouth (WOM) has been one of the most effective ways for lead generation in business for a long time.  


What is Word of Mouth?


WOM is the interaction between consumer to consumer about their positive experience with a brand. These dialogues encourage the word of the business to spread in a positive light if their particular experience was beneficial to them. Similarly, if it was a negative experience, it could again spread the word of the business in a negative light.

As much as it is a tool that is beneficial to business and lead generation, it can become a double-edged sword if businesses are not prepared. 


How does WOM help businesses? 


Traditional WOM is waiting for consumers to approach your business because of recommendations. Still, companies should encourage WOM because this can be free advertising to spread the benefit of using their company. Why spend excessive money on lead generation when tapping into the consumer to consumer dialogue can generate leads effectively and at no cost. 

Businesses can do this through WOM advertising, and this can be through creating content for consumers to engage. Blogs, social media posts, and website content establish a platform for businesses to monitor consumers’ engagements about the brand. 

Subsequently, businesses can capitalise on this WOM as positive experiences convert consumers into returning customers and build customer loyalty through enforced positive customer service. Over time this establishes a strong reputation which increases customer retention and acquisition.  


How does Prospect Research fair?


Prospect Research partnered with more than 200 professional services clients in diverse sectors, making WOM marketing effective to boost sales and revenue. 

Our reputation as a trusted, accurate and reliable provider of lead generation services has allowed us to partner successfully with those 200 businesses.

Primarily through telemarketing because with a strong relationship with these partners, we have been able to establish a positive reputation as a lead generation business that reinforces their promises with a strong performance in lead generation. 

Consumers can hear direct WOM about the positive interaction those partnering businesses have had through their reviews or social media content and establish a realistic expectation of what they can expect, making telemarketing lead generation that much more successful. 

We are a team that builds strong, lasting relationships with our clients with a vast knowledge within our fields. However, what makes us stand out is the service we provide paired with our bespoken customer services. 

We take our time to build rapport with our clients and their businesses, so we completely understand your goals and make the process as transparent as possible for your convenience. This is crucial for lead generation, as each requirement will be bespoke, and we take pride in ensuring that our teams can deliver.


Final Thoughts


Word of mouth can be a crucial element of lead generation, as long as it’s carrying the right message. Once that promotes scalable opportunities, spreading positive messaging around a lead generation business. 

Similarly to its benefits, it can be a double-edged sword because negative WOM can also carry much weight. 

Masters of business matchmaking, developing strong personal relationships for third parties. As such, we at Prospect Research are an established lead generation business that uses positive WOM to benefit its lead generation strategy by generating high-quality leads that are accurate and highly converting for our clients.

So, if you’re in the market and need some help, reach out and get in touch. We have a dedicated team already working for your success. 

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