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How To Make More New Business Appointments.

Posted on: 1 September 2021

So business went into a bit of a standstill for a while. We noticed. But things are picking up now, industries are getting back to their feet, and we thought it was high time to cover one of the essential queries for B2B appointment setting.

How do you make more business appointments?

Sadly, many businesses have struggled as a result of the last year – the pandemic, the resulting lockdowns and changing client landscape. However, the small businesses and companies that have survived need new business. Plus, many companies are either downscaling or operating on a more independent basis.

So what does that mean?

It means that the business market is rife with opportunities. It is time to update that contact list, make appointments, and start forming those business relationships.

So to help you build those contacts, here are a few tips and tricks on making more new business appointments.

Use A Trusted Service

Who else is busy? Since the world has started opening back up again, it feels like we are moving faster than ever before. Attention spans are shorter, media consumption is higher, and tolerance for negative client-facing experiences is lower than ever.

So for many, making new contacts has been understandably something put at the back of their task list and that thing you keep putting off because of who has the time. This is where a b2b appointment setting service comes in. 

If you don’t have the time to qualify prospects, why not get a group of professionals who understand what a good contact is to carry this essential step out for you?  

Not only will they save you ample time by actually sourcing high-quality contacts for you, but they will be able to refine your leads. This ensures you only spend time on b2b appointments that will lead to genuine connections and long-lasting profitable relationships. 

Be Accessible

Do you know one of the worst ways to start a business relationship is with inconsistency? 

You try calling them and just miss them, they try calling you, and the same thing happens and what could have been a profitable and flourishing business relationship fizzles out.

To avoid this for those that can’t use a trusted b2b appointment setting service, the most efficient way to ensure that you are getting as many appointments as possible is by making it easy to contact you and book set appointments in your calendar with ease.

If you make yourself easily contactable and available to other businesses, it will mean that they can work around both yours and their schedule from the offset. 

This is likely to lead to a more beneficial conversation, leading to a streamlined relationship for the future. If you’re operating in a way that suggests that you understand wasting time is not something that either of you can afford to do, this sets a precedent that’s likely to encourage further involvement. 

Offer A Follow Up

One way to make sure you are optimising your time and getting as many business appointments that result in converting leads is by offering a follow-up message/ email to confirm the appointment. 

A follow-up email from booking the initial appointment not only ensures that it is fresh in the mind of the business you are talking to, but it also shows an enthusiasm on your side that you are eager and keen to work with this contact.

It makes them feel wanted and as if the call is genuinely essential to you and you are kee to make it happen to further the working relationship. 

Although doing this through a b2b appointment setting service is the best way as it can be challenging to manage and time-consuming. Using a trusted service also means that you’re utilising outsourced teams who understand how to have these conversations and steer them in the right direction.

However, if that is not possible, following up with all your leads is valuable. It creates results that you might have otherwise missed and demonstrates the effect of taking your services to a more bespoke, individual level for each prospect.

When we have lost so much time and are trying to make up for it, be sure that the contacts you are making and the appointments you set with businesses are valuable to both yourself and them. 

Whether through a b2b appointment setting service or doing it personally, it is always best practice to do your research and ensure that the appointment you are taking is well worth each other’s time and you have something to benefit each other with.

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