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How to Write a Telemarketing Script that Will Achieve Results?.

Posted on: 28 June 2019

Telemarketing involves cold calling. A list of several contacts is selected after proper market research who are then approached by the telemarketing companies.

A good script can turn your cold call into a gold call and end up giving you a great benefit.

Many factors are involved in this to make a successful script that impresses the target audience and covers all the basic concerns related to the clients and customers. If you do not have enough budget to spend on a professional scriptwriter, it is better suggested to look for someone in your company or around you who has a good hold on words or you may get help from the internet and write it yourself.

A basic script for a cold call has the following main points:

First of all, you thank them for receiving your call.

Although many telemarketers skip this step, it sounds good if you ask them about their health and wellbeing, it creates a friendly environment to converse.

Talk about your products and services and the way they will benefit your client.

Mention the great points about your products or services, your time-saving ability, your money saving ability and all the related details about your company.

If they are interested in your services, then book an appointment.

If they are hesitant and don’t give a yes or no answer, then tell them that you’ll follow up later and end your call on a good note.

Understand the profession that you are telemarketing about

Before starting your work on the script, you must be well aware of the prospects so that you can do your homework well. Do your research well to know and learn more about the business or client that you are planning to collaborate with. Get to know more about his business profile, interests in the market, etc. During your research you may get some news on their triumph or milestone they have achieved. In such a situation, it would sound well to congratulate them on their success.

Get assistance from your previous successful calls.

By learning more about the business, you can succeed in making a good script that would be relevant and relatable to them.

Make your call different from other calls

Your call should not be a usual random call that a customer would be receiving. It should comprise of an interesting script that can draw your customer’s attention towards your products or services.

Ask questions in order to get the other person to ask questions back

You should ask questions that can intrigue them to answer and ask you questions in return. This would help to increase the level of understanding between both the parties. It also gives an insight into how you’ll help that business gain leads and increase sales.

Introduce the purpose of the call early on

Discuss your goals and purpose of the call before discussing anything further to give an insight. If the customer won’t be interested, he/she will stop you there and you won’t have to waste any further time.

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