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Proven Closing Techniques In Telemarketing.

Posted on: 23 August 2021

Trying to close a sale or partnership can prove a difficult task at the best of times. There are many considerations that the prospective buyer considers before signing on that dotted line.

This is especially true when it comes to telemarketing, when even experienced telemarketers can struggle at times to make that sale over the phone. One of the best ways to close a deal is through forming bonds and building relationships with the buyer. 

However, a phone call can offer many barriers that make these traditional selling techniques far more complex. It’s important to know workarounds for these, and how to create meaningful connections over the phone. 

Due to the covid pandemic, telemarketing has seen massive growth over the past year, especially regarding businesses. 

With many still working from home, we must analyse how we conduct our b2b telemarketing to optimise our sales techniques to work around this new normal. So here are some proven techniques on how to conduct a telemarketing sale successfully. 


Keep It Simple

One of the best ways to close a sale is to make the buyer feel they are in control. By ensuring they completely understand what they are buying into, and the benefits they will receive from the sale. 

Buyers who are unsure of the product and benefits are less likely to part with their money as they still have questions needing answering and can be left feeling uneasy. 

So a way to ensure that you are providing the best sales technique is to keep it simple. If the lead generation process is strong, then the prospects will already be somewhat warm, with relevant and viable interest in what you’re offering. 

For B2B telemarketing, the prospects are highly qualified, and it’s safe to assume a genuine interest in your offering – because of the accurate qualifying process. Therefore, keeping your pitch simple, and focusing on creating real connections is one of the best ways to engage your prospect. It’s also one of the best ways to finish a call.

Keeping your ending simple, and laying out the skeleton of the call, rounding up the details and summarising the key ways that your service or product can resolve the problems that your prospect is having, keeps things digestible. Doing this reinforces your message, and lets the client hear back all the ways that engaging with your service or product is the most reasonable course of action.


Offer Solutions 

When someone is trying to sell you a product and make that convincing pitch, the one thing you don’t want to be left with is questions. 

The purpose of a pitch is to offer solutions and not leave the potential client second-guessing. You want the client to be left feeling satisfied that the problem they had or the pain point they were experiencing before your call has now been resolved.

When conducting a b2b telemarketing call, be sure to do your research and understand precisely what the client does and how your product or service can benefit them and make their lives easier. 


Give A Time Frame 

A great technique to close a sale well, both in person and can be adapted over the phone, is by applying some sense of urgency to the sale and making it seem like a must-have by giving the client a set time frame.

Setting a time frame is both a great way to close a sale fast for you, but it is also beneficial to the client by keeping them updated on expectations on their side. It’s about not making yourself too easy and coming across as desperate, especially in a b2b telemarketing sale. 

In the end, you have something they want, so make sure you are constantly making them aware of all the benefits and ease you are offering them with your product/service. 

Many worry about setting a time frame and adding this pressure, but you must remember that it is a reasonable request as your time is always just as valuable as theirs. It’s also a great way to know whether a sale was successful or not.


Finish On A Positive Note

One way to ensure that whatever the outcome of your telemarketing call, your prospect has a higher likelihood of engaging in your services, is to end on a positive note.

The overall goal of any sales call but especially a b2b telemarketing call, is you want them to leave thinking fondly of the call and their experience with you. Both in the point of view of the product, they are being sold and their experience with you.

You always leave that door open to upsell; the only way that will be possible is if the person on the other end of the line genuinely liked doing business with you and had that positive experience.

So there is no harm in offering some kind words, asking about their weekend plans or finding out their hobbies and interests because you can never underestimate the benefits a positive business relationship could bring you.

Overall, remember when conducting yourself in a b2b telemarketing or any type of telemarketing sale, the person on the other end is a person just like yourself, so speak to them like one.

Make them feel important and layout expectations; there is no exact science about it because it is all about adapting the original sales pitch to fit the person’s personality on the other end. That’s the main difference between a successful and unsuccessful telemarketing sale.


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